Grup Yorum Statement: We do not reckognise your court decisions and sentences!


In the trials which lasted from October 3rd to October 26th, first hearing was held for the total of 9 members of Grup Yorum that are imprisoned for nearly a year. In the underwent trials, apart from a false witness lying statements which “demonstrate that being a member of Grup Yorum is a crime”, no concrete proof were presented. In spite of this, no Grup Yorum member has been released.

On top of it all, the Cultural Center “Idil” was raided by the police on October 4th. False news related to “preparation for an action” was broadcast on TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Company) by the political branch of the police, and 7 persons were arrested among which is Grup Yorum member Özgür Zafer Gültekin. We will file a criminal complaint about this false news.

We all know what our member Bergün Varan lived through. On the date of May 30th 2017, just after a few days upon arrival to Turkey, she was arrested in the raid on the Cultural Center “Idil”, and her hair was pulled out. Bergün was released after this arrest. Without even one month going by, she was arrested and imprisoned for participation in the watch in front of the courthouse with the standart saying “Freedom for Grup Yorum”. She was released three months later, however in two days after being released she was again arrested and imprisoned.

In the prison, Bergün’s imprisonment file suddenly changed by saying that she was imprisoned after her first arrest in the raid on the Cultural Center “Idil”. In the past week’s decision trial for the case filed after the raid, the Grup Yorum members Fırat Kıl, Sultan Gökçek, Betül Varan, Dilan Poyraz, Dilan Ekin, including Bergün were not even allowed to be taken to the court and defend themselves, and they were sentenced to 3 years and 15 days via SEGBİS (video conferencing system). However, bearing in mind the period that she was in prison, she should have been released long time ago. Bergün is still not being released and is virtually being kept as a hostage…

Our imprisoned member Dilan Ekin was sentenced to two years of prison without being brought to any of the hearing of the trial. In spite of being brought to the Çağlayan court for the decision hearing, by not being taken out of court surveilance she was not taken to the hearing. In such conditions she was sentenced to 5 years.

At the same time Dilan Ekin runs the risk of paralysis. The prison management impeded her treatment for months. She won the right of treatment as a result of resistance, however the doctor in the hospital she was taken to, told her: “Be grateful for your condition, pray five times per day, it will pass.” The state which impedes the therapy for Grup Yorum’s members, gives 11 hour permission every day to fascist mafia boss Alaattin Çakıcı due to his illness…

In Erzurum recently, the Supreme Court abrogated the 26 year sentence given to the pervert who sexually abused children in the Nur congregation’s dormitory. If there are no further objections to this decision, the rapist will be released after only a few years of prison. In all corners of our country court decisions similar to this one appear.

Rapists, murderers, pimps and mafia leaders are being acquitted, and on the other side Grup Yorum’s members are being imprisoned for almosta year based on a false statement. While this imprisonment continues, the trials openned after the arrests in the raid on the cultural center, and after the democratic protest actions that they participated in years ago, are being hastily concluded and the sentences given. Separately, the trials are continuing with demands for sentences up to 10 years.

Aside from the isolation cell, interview and communication punishments for our members only because they were singing songs and dancing, the AKP’s fascism is also being an obstacle to our production.Grup Yorum’s member Fırat Kıl’s notes of the 18 new melodies that he wrote in the prison together with empty music notebook were seized by the prison management. Musical notes that we sent were also censored.

After releasing all revolutionary lawyers on October 14th, AKP’s fascism quickly quickly pulled the court decision. The next day it hastily abrrogated the decision, and released a new decision to imprison them again. Between the dates of October 3rd and October 26th, only a few persons out of hundreds were released in the 5 hearings. One of the lawyers in the Grup Yorum’s case, Ömer Kavili, was arrested for “trying to prove that his client was right”.

What lies beneath not releasing Grup Yorum’s members is this political decision. However, we have experienced those processes once before. The only way to take our rights against all kinds of arbitraryness and injustice is the resistance. Not to reckognise those decisions.

We were defining the rights in our country as a veil that covers the fascism. As for today, apart from being the veil which covers the fascism, the courts have been converted into a dagger used against the people openly and without reckognising any rules. Justice has been transformed into a criminal gang.

This criminal grang will give our members tens of years of prison sentence without reckonising any rule nor any right, and we will not be able to raise our objection to it, is that so?

No, thousand times no!

The path to bring the Grup Yorum’s imprisoned members together with the freedom passes through the repudiation of the court decisions by the criminal gangs.

Our call to our audience, to Grup Yorum fans, to the families of the Grup Yorum’s members: in order for our imprisoned members not to experience torture in the fascism’s cells, let us raise once again the slogan for Grup Yorum’s freedom… In the schools, at the workplace, in the street… Let us expose this recklessness of fascism everywhere we are… Let us write slogans of freedom for Grup Yorum on the walls, boards, papers… Let us go in front of the palace of justice, prisons and assemblies, let us stand up against the fascism, lets not make it feel comfortable until they release our imprisoned members…

Let us defeat this fascist decision by unity and resistance, let us breach this siege together!

We do not reckognise your court decisions and sentences!
We want freedom for Grup Yorum’s members, and we will have it!
Down with the fascism, long live our songs!