Date: March 29, 2002 Statement: 249

We call on the people of the entire world; now it is time to be on the side of Palestine!

This morning Zionist Israel launched a new attack on the people of Palestine and their national leader, an attack of much greater dimensions than those carried out before. Israeli terrorist rule is continuing in Palestine. Arafat has been surrounded; the people of Palestine have been imprisoned in their houses. Dozens of Palestinians have been murdered. Hundreds have been taken away to torture centres.

The world is watching it from the sidelines; not least the Arab world which is led by petrol sheikhs. Another world watching from the sidelines consists of the European countries which are led by the imperialists. And yet another world watching from the sidelines consists of institutions such as the United Nations, which are under the control and leadership of imperialism and NATO. BUT THE WORLD’S PEOPLE CANNOT WATCH PASSIVELY FROM THE SIDELINES!

This silence, this passive watching, is not the expression of the thoughts and feelings of the world’s people. The attack by Zionist Israel is openly approved of by the USA. The latest war which has been started against the Palestinian people on the morning of March 29, is the continuation of the USA’s war against the peoples of the world.

To all revolutionary, patriotic, progressive and democratic organisations,

To all anti-imperialists and opponents of US domination,

To all Islamists and those who are on the side of justice, freedom and labour. It is time to show with our actions in the city squares that we are on the side of the Palestinian people, and to express the common anger of the world’s people against the imperialist-Zionist attack and against the indifference and silence to which they are trying to condemn our world. People of the world, let’s unite around the people of Palestine!

Think of our brothers and sisters in Ramallah and the West Bank, in Gaza and in Sabra and Shatila. We must not abandon besieged Palestine! Let’s shout our demand: End Israel’s occupation!

To the human race! wherever in the world you live, whatever your political views are; if you’ve got a heart, conscience and a mind, this appeal is to you!