Commander Bilgehan Karpat`s resistance

“I will never surrender! ..” – A tradition that continues from Kizildere to Tekirdag…

On January 20, 2017, the fighters of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front (DHKC) carried out two armed actions one after another. The first was directed against the headquarters of the Istanbul Police Department located on Vatan Boulevard in the Fatih District, located in the city’s historic center. On the same night, the fighters also fired on the building of the Regional Council of the ruling AKP Party, located in Istanbul’s Sutluce neighborhood, located on the shore of the Golden Horn Bay. People’s Liberation Fighters carried out their actions using LAW grenade launchers. In a post-share communique, they announced that through their armed actions, they aimed to call to account of the killers of Dilek Dogan. AKP murder police officers killed Dilek in front of the eyes of her family, in her home, located in the poor Istanbul neighborhood of Kucuk Armutlu. The killers had awakened her and her family on the pretext of having to search their house. Dilek Dogan had resisted this. She died resisting them. Dilek had told the murderers who come home to rob her home “put on your galoshes and get in there,” as soon as she uttered those words, she was shot in front of her parents.

DHKC fighters who swore that no crime committed against the people would be left unpunished, call to account those who murdered the people, the tyranny, the liers, by committing the actions on January 20, 2017. Then they didn’t just hit two buildings. These buildings are not randomly selected, the AKP Regional Council is one of the places where the tyranny, liers and robbery decisions the people are subjected to, and the police headquarters, this is the center of torture and inquisition of the oligarchy, where these decisions are made and applied in practice.

“WE ARE THE REVOLUTIONERS IN THIS COUNTRY; As long as there are people`s liberation fighters, there can be no such calm and unpunished murder of the people`s children! ”

This oath fulfilled Bilgehan Karpat, becoming a torch of justice.

On January 22, 2017, Bilgehan Karpat was surrounded by AKP killers in a abandoned house located near the town of Muratli, Tekirdag province, where he was hiding at that time. He responds to the call to surrender with the power that he takes from Kizildere[1]. With this power, he enters in a gunfight with the police, even for a moment he does not think when he presses the trigger of his weapon. At the very first moment, when he sees the enemy forces approaching him, he grabs his weapons and fights them, refusing to surrender, and thus he continues the tradition of Kizildere.

As DHKC – Armed Propaganda Unit commander, Bilgehan continued the tradition of Kizildere to our present. Bilgehan was a member of Revolutionary Youth. Learning from the heroic resistance of his comrades in Kizildere in 1972. and at Ciftehavuzlar in 1992[2], the affection for his people grew and strengthened with each passing day. He shaped himself as a revolutionary and influenced by the history of the movement, filled with heroism and self-sacrifice, with fighters who in their last moments wrote the name of the Party-Front with their blood on the walls. Bilgehan was one of the DHKC commanders who was ready to continue the fight regardless of the conditions they face and the difficulties they face. Although he receives numerous bullet wounds, pouring like rain drops on him, as he martyred with the honor of the fighter who not bow his head in front of the enemy, he continues to set an example to his comrades. With his resistance, he recorded a glorious page worthy of his place among the traditions of the peoples of the world, who also gave such worthy sons of the world as Bilgehan.

Bilgehan’s loyalty to his comrades and the qualities of the New Human, the revolutionary, dedication to the cause, are perhaps best described by Bilgehan. The new human, the one who overcomes his weaknesses, breaks all his ties with the capitalist system, learns what he does not know, trusts his organization completely. The new person is the one who can safely say: “if my organization requires it, it means that I can do it.”

This is Bilgehan. Bilgehan is the name of trust in the party and comrades.

The words he uttered in his last moments, the heavy-handed Commander Bilgehan Karpat perhaps best summarize his ideological clarity, and his endless love for the people and homeland.

“I will be worthy of my Martyrs and comrades,
I love my people,
I’m surrounded,
I’m wounded
I can’t move,
I am a proud son of my people,
I’m just a fighter from this natural and continuous war between classes,
I’m not someone special.
I love you!
As a proud son of my people, I am where I need to be.
I love you!
I’m proud of myself! ”


1- More about Kizildere you can read here:

2- More about Ciftehavuzlar you can read here:

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