Cephe militia: We will not leave the attacks of our enemies unanswered and our people unprotected!

AKP fears of losing presidential and parliamentary elections that will take place on June 24th, related to the administration crisis it experienced. We see the parliament in our country as an institution of the oligarchy and we do not believe that elections will ever become hope of the Turkish. We know that elections cannot be the tool of people’s self-management. In fact, our people acquired the right to have it’s voice and take decisions in the assemblies itself established. For this reason, we are calling our people to join People’s Assemblies.

Until the established of the people’s power, big proportion of our people will participate in this deception of the oligarchy. This is indebatable truth. Instead of accusing our people on this topic, it is an absolute necessity for us as o look at it self-critically from the revolutionary standpoint. We will continue to be the revolutionaries of the hope and of the revolution as the only solution. We will continue to explain the actions we did to our people, and we will have the armed struggle grow.

AKP power’s rabid dogs are saying they will go out on the streets in case AKP loses the elections. Our response to them is this: WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU.

AKP’s rabid dogs, neither Fırıldak Süleyman that gave you the instructions (to act) nor the poor excuse for the President Tayyip would save you. There, let’s have a look at our small streets! Where will you get out? Do not forget to bring Peker with you, who said that blood will flow in streams. Come and let us see if the streets will be your or our grave. We will not face you like soldiers on June 15th whose heads you cut off. We will face you as Front’s armed militia!

Our people: you have the power to give the necessary response to the AKP’s rabid dogs. Noone should worry. People’s FRONT, people’s MILITIA is here. We will not leave our people unprotected! We reckognize our enemies from Maraş, from Çorum, from Sivas, from the massacres, from provocations that try to sow animosity between our Sunni and Alevi people. Those are so degenerate as to kill babies in the uterus of their mothers.

We know our enemies from Kurdistan, from having the corpses of our Kurdish people wait on the streets for days. They are cruel monsters without an atom of human values inside.

In Gazu, during the resistance for our martyr Günay Özarslan, tens of us faced the death, and hunderds of people fought together with us. Together with our people we produced an epic resistance. On June 15th we defended our neighbourhood together with the people against this pack of jackals. We gave the necessary response in kind. We saw that the people trusts us and fights together with us. Our task today will be to react together with our people against the civilian fascist gangs that AKP organised and came to our streets. All our hawks should be ready for this. We will not limit to defend ourselves to defeat the enemy, we will attack. We will not leave the attacks of the enemy unanswered, we will not leave our people undefended!

DHKC Militia

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