Call for support #FreeGrupYorum #FreeMustafaKocak

Dear friends, comrades,

To all volunteers of the Progressive International Movement for Justice and Freedom!

Give your voice to the Revolutionary left music group “Grup Yorum” in Turkey and for Mustafa Kocak, who decided to struggle for their fundamental human rights  with their hunger.

For around 2 years all concerts of Grup Yorum are banned, musicians are hunted with terror lists, they are arrested, there are charges against them without evidence, cultural center regularly raided and destroyed. Mustafa Kocak was arrested without any charges or proofs, only with the false statement of a person, that he contributed to an armed action, he got life long though he is absolutely innocent

We want to inform you, as just received a notice, that the health state of death fast/ hungerstrikers Helin Bölek and Mustafa Kocak in Turkey, is very bad.  (Helin Bölek, member of the political protest band Grup Yorum was released two months ago but continues her death fast she started in prison in a house in Armutlu. Mustafa Koçak is a political oppositional who got a life sentence in prison without any evidence on the basis of false statements under police repression).

Mustafa’s hands are bruised, his skin is thinner, his scalp bones are bruised, his skin is very dry and there is a distinct color change. The legs of Mustafa and Helin are turning black, which is a very bad sign. Surely the situation of Ibrahim Gökcek, another member of Grup Yorum, is not much better. He is still in prison, as 5 other members of the music group.

The hunger strike is one important and sometimes unavoidable means to fight back the repressive politics by the state. There are many examples where this was the only way that led to success, that could shake the people to react, and of course it often costs a very high price to win back the democratic rights from the authorities.

All democratic, progressive, human rights defenders, lawyers, artists, intellectuals, students, poor people are under attack for years. There are some strong resistances despite of the daily violence, which ignores any law and justice. But these people, public workers like academician Nuriye Gulmen, registrar Nazan Bozkurt, sanitary worker Mahir Kilic, health worker Turkan Albayrak, or architect Alev Sahin, who continue to resist on a daily base against torture in the street and police stations. Arrested Lawyers are on hunger strike as well for almost 1 months to defend independent jurisdiction!

And recently, for 6 months Grup Yorum members and Mustafa Kocak are on death fast and risk their lives to take back their rights, to defend justice, which is completely ignored by the state authorities.

They are convinced that they will win, as it was already shown in so many other examples in history.
We’re convinced too they will win, but anyway, we all know IF WE STRUGGLE WE MIGHT LOSE, BUT IF WE DON’T WE HAVE ALREADY LOST!

We ask all democratic forces, political movements, organisations and individuals to organize actions for Grup Yorum and Mustafa Koçak in your country.

Our voices must be united to stop their deaths. The AKP government wants to ignore the demands as long as possible to create most possible damage on them. The more and stronger we react against this injustice, the sooner we can save their life.

In Greece friends of Anti-Imperialist Front will put a solidarity tent on a central square in Athens, they will gather outside of the Turkish embassy daily.

There will be arranged a trip to Istanbul for a visit probably until the end of the month to visit Helin in the house of resistance in Armutlu.

So, whatever you can make is of life importance. And if you are interested in joining the trip with others this could be coordinated.


-) for Mustafa Koçak, Ibrahim Gökçek and Helin Bölek;

Can you please send regular faxes (if possible one per day) to the Ministry of Justice of Turkey, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey and the Presidency of Turkey?

-) Please join or organize protest action in front of Turkish embassies in your countries.
We’ll try to keep you updated about actions taking place on this issue in several countries.

-) Publish as many news you can find about the resistance on your website…


* Presidency Of The Republic Of Turkey :

Adres: Cumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi 06560 Beştepe-Ankara-Turkey
Tel : (+90 312) 525 55 55. Fax : (+90 312) 525 58 31.


* Ministry of Justice Of The Republic Of Turkey:

Telefon : 90 (0312) 417 77 70. Faks : 90 (0312) 419 33 70.


Adres : 06659 KIZILAY / ANKARA

* Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey

Adres: Çamlıca Mahallesi 122. Sokak No:2 Yenimahalle/ Ankara

Telefon: (0312) 387 60 84 – Faks: (0312) 387 60 91



Free Grup Yorum:

Anadolu Newsblog on Facebook & Twitter: – (In English and German)

Grup Yorum’s official account:

Grup Yorum Direnisevi (Resistance House) – (in Turkish)

Mustafa Kocak(In Turkish)

Source: Free Grup Yorum






Helin Bölek: 246 DAYS (as of 21/02/2020)


Ibrahim Gökcek: 248 DAYS. His trial was on Feb. 14th. He had to stay in prison


Mustafa Koçak: 234 DAYS
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