A political prisoner, sentenced to life imprisonment on the basis of false claims, began a hunger strike

Mustafa Koçak, accused of providing weapons for the murder of Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz at the end of March 2015, was sentenced to life imprisonment following the alleged statements of police collaborator Berk Ercan.

Berkan Ercan is actually a “fuse” used by the fascist state, whose lies have been proven several times as false information during various trials in the last 2 years. Because of his false testimony, considered by the government to be believable for spreading terror among the people, hundreds of innocents have been imprisoned in Turkey in the last 3 years.

Although it is clear to all that these are false charges, dozens of people continue to be imprisoned because of “testimony” of Ercan, and are faced with years of imprisonment and even life imprisonment.

The use in the trials of the false testimony of this slanderous man, who proved to be false on several occasions, demonstrates the impasse in which the courts of fascist power are closed. The fascist state of the AKP and Erdogan, with the action of PR called “judicial reform”, are trying to restore the legitimacy of the judiciary and to restore the trust lost in it, but it is all in vain. The torn tunic of Themis cannot be patched up because the only thing the only thing they can do is TYRANNY!

On March 31st 2015, the two revolutionaries Şafak Yayla and Bahtiyar Doğruyol, carried out an armed action in the courtroom in Istanbul’s Çağlayan district. At the time of the action, whose main demand was “to announce the names of police officers who killed Berkin Elvan”, prosecutor Selim Kiraz was punıshed with death. Mustafa Koçak was detained during the investigation of this action. He was imprisoned on charges of “delivering arms” for the two revolutionaries. Currently, he is a defendant in this case, and the prosecutor wants a life tern imprisonment for him. But to this day, there is no evidence that Koçak has committed the “crime” he is accused. Mustafa Koçak was imprisoned because of the false “testimony” of Berk Ercan that caused lawyers from the Association of Progressive Lawyers and the People’s Law Bureau to be sentenced to a total of 159 years in prison.

Koçak, announced that he began hunger strike earlier this month, and another hearing in the trial against him took place in Istanbul on July 5th.

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